Liberty Learning Academy
L-12 Educational Support & Enrichment Center


Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide students and families with classical educational support and enrichment classes.

Our goal is to help each student realize their genius, promote a passion for learning, and develop new skills.  We help empower students by fostering their innate curiosity.  Our desire is to increase our families' educational liberty.

Our devoted teachers and mentors have discovered a love of learning and use their expertise to inspire these characteristics in the children they teach and nurture.  We strive to promote a sense of community among the students and families using the center.

"Our goal is happy, well-rounded children who have the courage to dream and the determination and skills to root those dreams in reality." - Resa Steindel Brown, The Call to Brilliance

Liberty Learning Academy embraces traditional morals and values.  We encourage communication and collaboration with our families and teachers.  Our classes will almost always require follow up at home.

We are not a charter school or private school.  We are an independent tutoring center.  Our class fees can be paid using educational funds, private money, or scholarships.