Liberty Learning Academy
L-12 Educational Support & Enrichment Center


From New York to California


Private tutoring is available at Liberty Learning Academy for students of all ages and from any school in reading, writing, spelling and math.



1/2 hour session - $25

1 hour session - $45

High School math (1 hour) - $60*


Tutoring sessions are sold in one month packages of 4 or three month packages of 12.

Tutoring must be in full prior to first session.

There is a 10% discount for 3 month packages.


* High school students can choose to meet in small groups and split the session fee is they wish.

All sessions in a package must be used within the time frame allotted, no carry overs.  24 hour cancellation required.  Less than 24 hours or no shows will not be credited or made up.  Make-ups can be made at the teachers discretion with prior arrangement.